#OnboardingSOS Part 5: Getting managers involved in onboarding early and often

September 15, 2017

Categories: Modernizing Corporate Learning

Frontline managers are the most important people in modern workplace learning. They are the “boots on the ground” who drive employee performance and provide ongoing support. They hold employees accountable…

Are your retail associates prepared to handle a security threat?

September 1, 2017

Categories: Retail training, Safety awareness

Did you know 40% of all active shooter events happen in business locations? And retail stores are one of them? That’s an unsettling thought. I don’t want to have to…

Make Onboarding an Incredibly Human Experience

August 25, 2017

Categories: Continuous learning, Modernizing Corporate Learning

In our latest webinar, JD Dillon, Axonify’s Principal Learning Strategist shared how participants could increase the speed to capability and confidence of new employees by reimagining onboarding strategies. Accomplishing this…

Curated Insights: What is Digital Learning?

August 18, 2017

Categories: Modernizing Corporate Learning

Do you want to make your new initiative sound exciting and important? Just add the word “digital” to the title! Maybe that’s not exactly true, but it’s definitely starting to…

6 things to look for in a mobile learning solution

August 11, 2017

Categories: Mobile learning

Workers want to learn, want to do their jobs better. But we’ve often failed to deliver the kind of mobile learning experiences that can truly help them do that. Effective…