PSS13: Stop Calling Yourself A Trainer

September 13, 2013

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We just returned from the Performance Support Symposium in Boston this week where our CEO Carol Leaman was hosting a session on the latest in brain science and memory as…

Webinar: Why Do Employees Forget?

September 10, 2013

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On September 25th, we will be hosting a webinar to explore a question that has been plaguing the learning and development community for many years. That is question is, why…

How is Interval Reinforcement Transforming Corporate Training?

September 5, 2013

Categories: Brain based learning, Continuous learning, Interval reinforcement, Personalized learning, Safety awareness

The following post was featured in OH&S Online on May 6, 2013. If you are exposed to new information only once, after 30 days you retain less than 10 percent of that…

Engagement Insights Raise Bottom Lines

August 30, 2013

Categories: Continuous learning, Multi-generational learning, Personalized learning

Retailers engage their customers with rewards programs and points meanwhile non-for profits engage their donor bases with social media. It’s true. Those who are engaged tend to spend more and…

OSHA’s “Right to Understand”: A Game Changer in Employee Safety Training

August 22, 2013

Categories: Interval reinforcement, Knowledge gaps, Personalized learning, Safety awareness, Training gaps

Over the past 20 years, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration operated around the primary principle that employees had the “right to know” about the hazardous chemicals they work with.…