The Latest Brain Science Research and its Impact on eLearning

June 19, 2013

Categories: Brain based learning, Personalized learning

We are at the forefront of brain science research. Today, we know more about the brain than ever before. As seen in our latest webinar with CLO Magazine: “Leveraging The…

Mobile Learning Is The Answer

June 3, 2013

Categories: Mobile learning, Personalized learning

At the turn of the fifteenth century the Gutenberg press sparked the printing revolution, forever changing how and where people would learn. 1439 was an exciting year for intellectuals across…

What is the Current State of mLearning Design?

May 17, 2013

Categories: Mobile learning, Personalized learning

The following post is a summary of the inaugural #GuildChat hosted by the eLearning Guild. The chat took place on Twitter on May 15th. This past Wednesday afternoon was an exciting…

Filling The Generational Training Gap

May 6, 2013

Categories: Knowledge gaps, Multi-generational learning, Personalized learning, Training gaps

The generational shift in the workforce is creating a looming training gap for today’s corporate leaders. A store clerk from 20 years ago and a retail associate today are two…

What Insights Does the Brain Hold on How to Improve Training?

May 1, 2013

Categories: Brain based learning

The following blog post was written by guest blogger, Jackie Morton. Looking for ideas on how to improve training? Try focused attention and hippocampus activation to help increase knowledge retention…