The Importance of Personalized Learning

November 19, 2012

Categories: Personalized learning

The evolution of corporate training (and education as a whole) bears a striking resemblance to the evolution of the internet.  Gone are the days of static content, limited formats, and…

Pep Boys LP Awareness Story Resonates with Many during Webinar

October 3, 2012

Categories: Loss prevention, Retail training, Safety awareness

At Axonify, we’re blessed with some fantastic customers who have become huge advocates of our solution and the value of interval reinforcement in learning. Pep Boys is one such customer…

Axonify Wins 2012 Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference

July 19, 2012

Categories: Axonify news

This was a pretty exciting week for Axonify. We were one of 5 lucky companies selected to present at the 2012 Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen, Colorado in a…

7 Strategies for Reducing Employee Knowledge Gaps

July 10, 2012

Categories: Knowledge gaps, Loss prevention, Safety awareness, Training gaps

Can we all agree that the lack of knowledge about an organization’s products, services, policies, safety practices etc. is detrimental to employee performance, and ultimately affects corporate results? How many…

Gamification for Your Brain

June 18, 2012

Categories: Brain based learning, Game based learning

We live in a time when games are getting a lot of attention, and a different kind of attention than used to be the case. Until recently our post-Puritan society…