Retail Employee Theft – The Reality will Shock You

June 7, 2012

Categories: Loss prevention, Retail training

I just read the Annual Retail Theft Survey done by Jack L. Hayes International and found it mind boggling that over 1 million shoplifters and dishonest employees were apprehended in…

Social contact, stress, and the brain

June 4, 2012

Categories: Brain based learning

One of the most powerful influences on our brains happens also to be one of the most powerful influences on our lives: other people. That ain’t no coincidence, folks –…

Brain Talk

May 2, 2012

Categories: Brain based learning

I’m excited to be part of things as Axonify begins a period of new development and growth. I was really pleased when Axonify rolled out its new name, because it…

What Does Interval Reinforcement have to do with a Cruise Ship Disaster?

April 12, 2012

Categories: Interval reinforcement, Safety awareness, Training gaps

By now, many of you are aware of the Italian cruise ship disaster on the Costa Concordia a few months ago. Upon investigation it became apparent the ship’s crew didn’t…

Welcome to Axonify! From the President and CEO, Carol Leaman

April 4, 2012

Categories: Axonify news

On behalf of our hard-working team, and hot on the heels of the launch of our new company name and brand, I’m thrilled to introduce you to our new corporate…