Do you have an employee knowledge
problem that’s hurting performance?

Performance pains inside an organization are often a direct result of low levels of employee knowledge. If your people don’t know what to do, the cost to your business is significant. When organizational performance takes a dive, ineffective training techniques are typically to blame.


Build a smarter workforce, every day.

What if you could solve business challenges by building a smarter workforce every day? There is a way to ensure that your people know what to do, and take the right actions – every time. And it’s proven to drive significant bottom-line results for leading corporate organizations.

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Engage your workforce in knowledge-building that changes behavior

Knowledge growth is dependent on employee engagement and participation in corporate learning. If employees aren’t engaged, they won’t participate or pay attention. And that means knowledge isn’t translated into action. It’s that simple.

Axonify, the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform, takes a ‘business first’ approach to knowledge-building that compels employee engagement.  When employees participate, they build more knowledge.  And the more they know, the better they are at driving your organization’s objectives day-to-day.

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Link knowledge to behaviors that drive results

Axonify tracks employee knowledge growth and behavioral outcomes. Then identifies trends that can be directly linked to actual business results, like increased sales or decreased safety incidents (money made or saved by your business). Monitor the impact that Axonify is having on your big picture bottom line every day.

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