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Helping leaders get results through a business-first approach to corporate learning. We’re disrupting traditional thinking, challenging the status quo, and providing a fresh perspective on employee knowledge-building strategies, modern learning approaches, and corporate training measures.

Curated Insights: Writing Good Questions

March 24, 2017

Categories: Modernizing Corporate Learning

Can you write a good multiple choice question? After all, this is a foundational skill for a modern L&D pro, especially in large organizations that use a lot of online…

The “Not a Love Letter” to the LMS – Bring it On!

February 10, 2017

Categories: Modernizing Corporate Learning

About a month ago, I was soaking up the rays on a beautiful beach in Mexico when I started receiving a series of texts and phone calls on my personal…

The Future of Store Associate Training: Why retailers need a better approach

February 2, 2017

Categories: Modernizing Corporate Learning, Retail training

There are big changes happening in retail, and that was especially obvious at the NRF Retail Big Show we attended recently in New York City. As one of the few…

3 biggest flaws with the LMS and why it doesn’t make your employees better on-the-job performers

January 13, 2017

Categories: Modernizing Corporate Learning

Whether you’re a mid-sized organization or a large Fortune 500 and whether you sit in the Human Resources, L&D or Store Operations group, you’re likely familiar with the Learning Management…

When someone comes in and says, “We need training on …”

December 16, 2016

Categories: Modernizing Corporate Learning, Solve Learning Challenges

This past week, we had the pleasure of hosting our final webinar of the year. Over the course of an hour, our Principal Learning Strategist JD Dillon walked attendees through…

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