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With Axonify, 75,000+ logistics associates are safer on the job—helping to make Walmart's safety program the world’s best.


10,000+ Bloomingdale’s employees build their knowledge daily through Axonify, saving the company 2.2 million dollars a year.


Ethicon's clinical sales reps are more knowledgeable, confident and better able to manage increasingly complex sales situations because of Axonify.


Toyota credits Axonify for dramatic knowledge increases among its 25,000 dealer sales reps, resulting in 2 more vehicle sales per month, per rep.

Toys”R”Us Canada

With Axonify, Toys”R”Us Canada has engaged its multi-generational workforce and instilled a continuous learning culture within its stores.

Capital BlueCross

Axonify provides Capital BlueCross with knowledge increases, error-rate reduction and the ability to manage to the speed of change.

John Hancock

John Hancock Investments leverages Axonify to modernize learning and reduce execution risk in its increasingly complex environment.

Pep Boys

19,000 Pep Boys associates work smarter and safer because of Axonify, resulting in dramatic reductions in shrink and safety incidents.

Southeastern Grocers

Axonify is central to how Southeastern Grocers is transforming itself by creating alignment and buy-in across its 750 stores and 65,000 associates.

Bimbo Bakeries USA

With Axonify, Bimbo Bakeries USA overhauled its safety awareness program, which is having a significant impact on culture and incident rates.


Ceridian is leveraging Axonify to produce a more knowledgeable and confident sales team amidst a constantly evolving product suite.


Axonify delivers necessary knowledge to TELUS retail associates, so they can provide an exceptional customer experience each and every day.


MCAP is elevating its game with daily learning on Axonify by the entire MCAP team—from call center reps to support staff to leadership.


At Kaplan, Axonify ensures that all pre-enrolment staff are highly knowledgeable and in alignment with student needs and university priorities.

At Home

As a rapidly growing retailer, At Home relies on Axonify to help improve knowledge around safe work practices, helping to reduce injuries on the job.

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