A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon is a leading provider of sutures and wound-closure products, including Dermabond skin glue, Mentor surgical mesh products, wound drains, as well as breast implants and plastic surgery devices.

Ethicon leverages the Axonify platform to help its clinical sales reps build and retain the knowledge they need to speak intelligently to medical professionals about the company’s large product portfolio.  By adding Axonify to its learning ecosystem, Ethicon has increased sales reps’ overall knowledge levels, boosted their confidence and improved their sales effectiveness during customer engagements.

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Here's how Axonify helped Ethicon

improved voluntary

prefer Axonify to any
other learning method

increase in confidence
and product knowledge


John Knoble

Director of Commercial Learning, Ethicon

“Axonify allows us to balance the need to learn with the need to sell. We leverage Axonify to drive our company’s current strategy by keeping the sales force engaged with Ethicon’s most critical products on a daily basis.”

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