“The LMS is becoming marginalized. Content must now be shorter and more relevant (“micro-learning” is the new buzzword). We need more tools like Axonify to make content relevant and targeted to the role and time it is needed.”

Josh Bersin, Principal and Founder, Bersin by Deloitte

The LMS can’t scale learning to keep pace with business

The LMS is designed to do one thing: Push out linear, lengthy, one-size-fits-all training courses. While this narrow focus might have been adequate in the past, it no longer works. In today’s hyper-connected, fast-moving world, employees don’t have the time or patience to spend on training that doesn’t pertain to them. They want information fast and they want it at their fingertips—in ways that mirror how they access it in their daily life. Plus, since their knowledge and skill levels are unique, they expect a learning experience that adapts to their own pace and growth.

Axonify is purpose-built for business.

By delivering quick, bite-sized content in 3-5 minutes per day, everyone across the organization can fit in learning every single day. Axonify’s adaptive algorithm keeps track of what employees know or don’t know at all times—serving up the best bite-sized content to build their expertise and boost knowledge where it might not be as strong. And, if employees need to look up info they can’t remember, Axonify offers a quick and simple way to do just that. The result? Employees get the continual learning they need to help them achieve what matters most to your business.

The LMS can’t meet the needs of the deskless workforce

Taking a course on an LMS means you need to be at a desk. We know. We know. Technically, you could take the course on an LMS mobile app. But, come on! Who really wants to watch an hour-long training module on a tiny screen? And when most of the workforce is deskless, it means you’re not meeting the learning needs of all your employees. Add to this the many professionals who have a desk but barely use it because they’re always traveling or in meetings all day long, and this desk-bound training restriction is a real issue.

Axonify is purpose-built for ALL employees.

No matter what role, team, department or location, Axonify makes it easy to learn in the environment that works best for your employees’ individual situations—whether it’s at a computer, on a mobile device, at a POS, or through any other internet-connected tools. The bite-sized content is easy to read on any screen size, and employees can take training anytime and anywhere it’s convenient—working at their desk, waiting for a flight, filling in time before a meeting, or experiencing down time on the floor or in the warehouse.

The LMS can’t drive bottom-line business results

Take a course on an LMS. Complete a test. Get a passing grade. And that’s that. The LMS checks the box and employees get a gold star. After all, they know their stuff, right? Not so fast. We all know about the famous forgetting curve. Employees won’t remember most of what they learn if it isn’t reinforced. And this doesn’t fly at work. Because if employees can’t remember the information, they can’t apply it. And that means they won’t do the things they need to do to be successful at their job. The consequence? It’s virtually impossible to drive bottom-line results.

Axonify is purpose-built to drive business outcomes.

The “cram for a test and then forget the info the next day” approach doesn’t make sense on the job. Employees need to know information cold. Otherwise, they can’t perform at their best. Axonify’s proven brain science techniques—microlearning, spaced repetition, retrieval practice, confidence-based assessment, and gamification—help build employee knowledge ongoing and sustain it over time. From there, they can apply it at work in ways that matter most to the business: increasing sales, improving customer service, decreasing safety incidents, reducing shrink, and more. The possibilities are endless!

The LMS can’t engage employees in learning

Sound familiar? You send out a notification about a required training course and the next thing you hear is a universal groan. Frankly, the LMS just isn’t fun. The content delivery is boring. And, it’s like pulling teeth to get everyone to take part. If you can’t engage employees in learning, you can’t get them to build their knowledge, feel invested in their work, or remain committed. And if you can’t get them do all that, they won’t help the business achieve its goals, let alone, stay around long enough to make them happen.

Axonify is purpose-built to drive engagement.

Through a winning combo of personalized and adaptive learning, plus a variety of game mechanics like leaderboards, points, rewards, and game play, Axonify gets employees so jazzed about learning that they take it voluntarily every day—Really! Participation scores go through the roof and turnover rates plummet. And because employees want to learn, relish the friendly competition with their peers and themselves, and have so much fun in the process, they push themselves to do better. The result? Employees know more, feel more confident, and perform at their best. And the entire organization reaps the benefits.

The LMS can’t enable leaders to measure learning effectiveness

Need basic metrics like test scores, course completions or logins? No question. The LMS has you covered. But, the top execs won’t be impressed. A “pass” simply proves an employee memorized enough content to get through a test. But, it fails to track what happens after that. If the employee can’t actually apply the learning content on the job—or, if you don’t know which content that employee remembers after a day, a week, a month, a quarter or even a year—these measures are virtually meaningless.

Axonify is purpose-built to tie learning to results.

Just pull up one of Axonify’s built-in reports to get insights that align with the business. At any point in time, leaders can view employee knowledge by topic at the individual, team, department, location or even company level. They can drill deep to pinpoint areas where employees need coaching or report more broadly to spot trends, like how to prevent a future safety incident. Axonify even goes a step further—measuring how knowledge growth influences actual on-the-job behavior, and then how this ties to defined business outcomes. Finally, a way for L&D to prove the positive impact of training on key business results.

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