Webinar: 5 Trends in the Gamification of Corporate Learning

Past Event

Date: March 4, 2014

gamificationJoin us as we host renowned gamification author, professor and speaker, Dr. Karl Kapp on a webinar to explore some trends in the gamification of learning for 2014. Dr. Kapp has been a guest with us before and is a truly engaging speaker. This time around he will also be sharing some insights from his latest book: The Gamification of Learning and Instruction Fieldbook.

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Webinar: The New “R”s for Engaging Millennial Learners

Past Event

Date: November 21, 2013

the-new-rsWhat factors influence the desire and ability to learn? Obviously there are some influences beyond the trainer’s control, but research in educational psychology suggests one thing we can do to increase learner engagement is to create learning environments that are in some ways linked to, and supportive of, the current learner culture.

During this engaging and often humorous webinar we will review Dr. Price’s latest findings regarding Millennial learners. Millennials’ ideal learning environments, their perceptions regarding the characteristics of the ideal trainer, and their training practices will also be revealed.

Webinar: Demystifying Gamification in Corporate Learning

Past Event

Date: October 31, 2013

gamificationRenowned gamification author, speaker and professor, Karl Kapp joins Axonify CEO Carol Leaman to explore current myths surrounding gamification in corporate learning.

Are you currently using gamification at work? What does gamification at work really mean? Discover some real-world examples of how gamification is being successfully applied in the enterprise and how it can be easier to implement than many believe.

Webinar: Why Do Employees Forget?

Past Event

Date: September 25, 2013

why-do-employees-fightsHow soon after a training session do employees start forgetting new information? Why does this happen and how can it change?

In a recent LinkedIn discussion, Charles Henderson asked the question, “In 10 words or less, why do you think learners forget what they’ve learned so quickly?” The question has since garnered over 900 responses.

Join Charles and our CEO Carol Leaman as they explore this question and also discuss what the latest in brain science has to offer on the problem of forgetting.

NRF 2013 Loss Prevention Conference & Expo

Past Event

Date: June 12, 2013

Location: Booth 911, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA

nrfThe NRF Loss Prevention Conference & EXPO is the nation’s leading retail-specific event for professionals specializing in loss prevention, asset protection and risk management. This annual event offers retail LP professionals 2 ½ days of top-notch educational sessions, numerous networking opportunities and an EXPO Hall full of cutting-edge technology and solutions.

If you’re attending and would like to set up a meeting, please email Peggy Nitsche at Axonify.

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