The Axonify Microlearning Platform

The Axonify Microlearning Platform fuels your contact center agents with the knowledge they need to be smarter and deliver better customer service by engaging them in ongoing online call center training that’s fast, fun, personalized, and woven into their shifts. Axonify is proven to:

Improve Call Quality & Satisfaction

When your agents have the right answers, calls go better and net promoter scores go up.

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Reduce Onboarding

Get your new hires up to speed quickly. Reduce time to competency before agents can contribute value.

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Increase Up & Cross-Sell Revenue

Help agents uncover additional revenue opportunities by applying proven up/cross sell techniques.

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Increase First Call Resolutions

Dramatically reduce the amount of time an agent takes to escalate, transfer, or return a call.

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Axonify for Call Centers

Empower your agents with the knowledge they need

Axonify weaves microlearning content into your agents’ shifts via the device of your choosing (mobile device, or computer). It’s fast, fun, and personalized, plus it reinforces what your people need to know to sell more, and deliver better customer service.

Agents also have instant access to knowledge-on-demand (your very own library of content) to quickly look up information they don’t know off hand, like the specs of your newest products, promotions, or information on policies and procedures.

Axonified call center agents experienced:

Knowledge lift within 3 months

Compressed onboarding time

Voluntary participation

Appeasement reduction

Call Center Training: The Times, They are A’Changing

Brain science research has
identified cognitive strategies
to improve knowledge retention
and learning engagement.

Never before has this industry experienced such a convergence of changes that can have a significant impact on the business

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MCAP Case Study

MCAP is one of Canada’s largest independent mortgage financing companies, with more than $55 billion in assets under administration. The company operates in two key lines of business: residential mortgages, and commercial mortgages & development finance. Axonify is helping MCAP to create knowledgeable and confident call center reps, who can provide exceptional service to its clients that keeps them coming back.

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