The Axonify Microlearning Platform

With the Axonify Microlearning Platform, you will fuel your sales reps with the knowledge they need to be smarter and bring in more business by engaging them in ongoing learning that’s fast, fun, personalized and woven into their workday. Axonify is proven to:

Increase Product

Sharpen and enhance rep knowledge around your products and services, so they can take advantage of every sales opportunity.

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Deliver New & Relevant Content on the Fly

Push important content updates out to your reps within minutes, keeping their product knowledge fresh and relevant.

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Provide Knowledge at the Point of Need

Give your sales reps easy and immediate access to the knowledge that they need, right when they need it.

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Meet the Needs of the Modern Sales Professional

From bite-sized content to game mechanics, Axonify's personalized and adaptive platform is built for the modern worker.

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Empower your salesforce with the knowledge they need

Axonify weaves microlearning content into your reps’ workdays via the device of your choosing (mobile device or computer). It’s fast, fun, and personalized, plus it reinforces what your people need to know to sell more, and deliver better customer service.

They also have instant access to knowledge-on-demand (your very own library of content) to quickly look up information they don’t know off hand, like the specs of your newest products.

Axonified sales reps have been proven to:

Participate voluntarily

Feel more confident selling

Feel they are a better sales person

Increase their sales

Ethicon Case

Learn how Axonify has boosted Ethicon’s selling power by growing knowledge around products and policies that are always changing.

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When The LMS Isn't Enough

In this whitepaper, you will discover the main reasons why the LMS alone is no longer meeting the needs of the modern learner.

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Discover how these top brands use Axonify


Ceridian is leveraging Axonify to produce a more knowledgeable and confident sales team amidst a constantly evolving product suite.

John Hancock

John Hancock Investments leverages Axonify to modernize learning and reduce execution risk in its increasingly complex environment.

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