The Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform

With the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform, you will fuel your employees with the knowledge they need to be smarter and safer at work by engaging them in ongoing learning that’s fast, fun, personalized and woven into their workday. Axonify is proven to:

Reduce Safety

Drive down incidents in every area related to safe work practices. From back safety and handling of materials, to slips, trips, and falls.

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Inspire a
Safety Culture

Motivate and engage your people to start living, breathing, and talking about workplace safety every single day.

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Influence & Measure Safe Work Practices

Track, measure, and tie behaviors back to employee awareness and knowledge in a way that (until now) you’ve never been able to do.

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Meet the Needs of the Modern Worker

From bite-sized content to game mechanics, Axonify's personalized and adaptive platform is built for the modern worker.

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Empower your employees with the knowledge they need

Axonify weaves microlearning content into your employees’ workdays via the device of your choosing (kiosk, mobile device, or any other web enabled access point). It’s fast, fun, and personalized, plus it reinforces what your people need to know to be safe.

With online workplace safety training, they also have instant access to knowledge-on-demand (your very own library of content) to quickly look up information they may not know off hand, like the proper way to clean up a spill.

Axonified organizations experience

Reduction in safety incidents

Voluntary participation

Fewer safety incidents

Of employees said they feel safer at work

The Future of Safety Awareness Training

Are you looking for ways to reduce the number of safety incidents in your organization? Is your current safety training being applied in the workplace?

This whitepaper highlights six key issues surrounding safety awareness training and discusses developments that point to where the future of this training is headed.

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Case Study

A subsidiary of retail giant Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s boasts more than 35 upscale department stores and home stores in about a dozen states.

Read how Bloomingdale’s is strategically and consistently building the knowledge of thousands of associates, to ensure they take the proper actions at work that will drive business results

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Learn how Axonify has dramatically increased employee knowledge at Walmart, and significantly impacted their logistics business.


75,000+ Walmart logistics associates are safer on the job because of Axonify.

Bimbo Bakeries

With Axonify, Bimbo Bakeries USA overhauled their safety awareness program, which is having a dramatic impact on culture and incident rates.


With Axonify, Bloomingdale’s is experiencing a $2.2 million dollar a year positive impact on their business by increasing associate knowledge, which has dramatically impacted both

TBC Retail

TBC Retail leverages Axonify to help them lead the way in providing the highest level of quality customer service, and the safest possible environment for their associates.

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