Our mission: solve the employee knowledge problem!

Axonify builds employee knowledge in the areas that matter most to your business, then sustains it, serves it up, and allows employees to share it with their peers – all in one platform. And it works! With Axonify, Bloomingdale’s saves an average of $2.2 million a year on safety incidents, Walmart has reduced safety incidents by 50%, and Toyota sales reps sell an average of two cars more per month.

Now you’re wondering, how do we do it?

First, we start with the end result in mind. What business outcomes do you want to achieve? What behaviors will get you to those outcomes? And what knowledge is required to inspire those behaviors? Then the platform is leveraged to build the knowledge your employees need – in their heads, and at their fingertips – to move things in the right direction.

How do we do it? By combining an award-winning approach to adaptive microlearning with knowledge-on-demand capabilities, while leveraging the fundamentals of brain science and gamification to drive engagement.

On average, Axonified employees voluntarily engage with the platform 3 times a week, and 80% of users state that Axonify helps them perform better on the job!

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Then, we go the extra mile

Unique to Axonify, our platform can capture behavior observations – the things your employees do right or wrong on the job. Then, it measures how those behaviors actually impact business outcomes.

Documented behaviors automatically trigger ‘learning bursts’ in the system, so knowledge gaps are always being filled in. It’s a continuous, self-healing process!

How Axonify Proves Impact

Ready to go deeper?

Read more about the components that make Axonify work:


Axonify delivers personalized, bite-sized “gamified” learning content in short bursts (in 3 – 5 minutes), several times per week, or even daily. Content is based on the latest brain science research, where employees follow their own unique knowledge path that continuously adapts and expands as their level of comprehension grows. The learning content – including video, Tin Can, SCORM, text or images – can be accessed on a variety of devices over the Internet, or via the Axonify Mobile app.


Employees can access supplemental information and job aids whenever they need it for the job. Pulled from a living repository of information that is populated by your subject matter experts and crowd-sourced by your employee community, Axonify’s knowledge-on-demand capability builds a bridge between experts, learning professionals and employees that facilitates knowledge exchange and sharing.

Actionable Insights

Regardless of where they are, managers can gain critical insights about employee knowledge and behavior, working with their employees to drive knowledge growth, improve on-the-job behaviors and achieve business objectives. Real-time individual and team analytics help managers identify when coaching, mentoring or additional microlearning is needed.

Behavior Observations and Results Measurement

Axonify allows you to define on-the-job behaviors that directly correlate to business results, then observe and track those behaviors, fine-tuning learning and coaching based on how well employees exhibit those behaviors on the job. Comprehensive analytics give you the ability to compare learning to behaviors and ultimately business results, directly impacting the achievement of business goals.

Comprehensive Platform Control and Management

Axonify provides an intuitive tool through which system administrators direct Axonify operations, defining the parameters of the Axonify ecosystem, stocking it with content and managing and tracking users/groups and usage; as well as linking Axonify to external systems as required.

Our world-class professional services team will guide you through the process of implementing Axonify, and set you up for success

The mission of our team is to help organizations realize the full potential of employee knowledge. We provide as much, or as little help as you need, ensuring you are set up for success every step of the way. It’s a true partnership.

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