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How Microlearning Took MCAP’s Customer Support From Good to Great


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Approaching employee knowledge with a digital, microlearning platform has enabled MCAP to deliver the best-in-class service that their customers want and deserve, which has translated into real business results. By…

axonify uncovered

Toolkit: Axonify Revealed

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Axonify is different. It’s part of a newer crop of technology-driven platforms and tools that allow for the integration and repurposing of learning in many ways. Most interesting to me…

Training isn't a millennial thing its a multi-gen thing

Training Isn’t a Millennial Thing, It’s a Multi-Gen Thing

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These days, it seems like everywhere you look there’s a new article about how to meet the needs of millennials. No question, this generation is important, but what about the…

How Microlearning is Having a $2.2 Million Annual Impact at Bloomingdale’s


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In this session, you will learn why Bloomingdale’s decided to break away from conventional practices and try microlearning in 2012—before microlearning was a known term. It will explore the issues…

why stand alone microlearning training

Why Standalone Microlearning is the Wrong Way to Approach Training

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Microlearning is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics permeating the corporate training world these days. Ironically, the concept is anything but new. Brain scientists discovered years ago that breaking down…

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