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MidJersey Business Magazine: Cyber Ed


At Ethicon, a Somerville-based manufacturer of surgical technologies, and a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, sales reps manage product portfolios consisting of hundreds of devices. And they need to know them…

STORES: Knowledge in Two Clicks


Resource Type: Articles

Employee training initiatives face unique challenges in retailing, given the vast numbers of people who work far from the corporate office and aren’t tethered to a desk. It’s almost impossible…

Webinar: Driving Performance Within a Deskless Workforce


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Retail associates. Forklift drivers. Food service employees. Plant workers. These deskless workers have one thing in common: They’ve all been underserved by L&D. Yet, these are the employees who are…

Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform vs. LMS


Resource Type: Datasheet

This datasheet contains five key questions that will help you realize the difference between the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform and an LMS. Get the Datasheet


Webinar: Modern Learning Made Easy


Resource Type: Webinars

Evolving workplace learning and performance doesn’t mean we have to throw out everything we’ve done in the past and start from scratch. Rather, we must first shift our L&D mindset…

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