Webinar: Proof – Gamification is Impacting Business Performance


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It’s time to tackle the most important question with regards to gamification in corporate learning: can it actually impact business performance?

Did you know that learners are 51.64% more motivated to come back and engage with a platform if they have the option of playing a game? Did you know that leaderboards don’t lose their appeal even after three years of consistent engagement? Did you know gamified learning enabled Walmart to decrease safety incidents by 54% and Toyota sales reps to sell two more cars per month?

This webinar will be lead by world-renowned gamification expert Karl Kapp. To answer the question of impacting business performance, Karl will draw on his wealth of experience, as well as multiple real-world case studies. He will also share insights based on his research of over 2.7 million interactions in Axonify, where employees are using gamification to improve their performance every day.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The truth behind some common myths about the value of gamification
  • What the wrong questions about gamified learning are, and how to ask the right ones
  • The data behind which gamification elements matter most
  • How global organizations such as Walmart and Toyota are using gamified learning
  • What a performance-oriented gamified learning platform looks like

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