Axonify Learning Model™

Designed for real learning.

The Axonify learning experience is a unique approach designed to produce real, sustainable learning that positively impacts business results.

What makes Axonify so unique and effective is the patent pending Axonify Learning Model™ – the perfect combination of brain science, adaptive learning technology and gamification – proven to provide the most solid, long-term learning available.

learning model

learning model

Based on Brain Science

The Axonify platform was built on the foundation of the latest developments in neuroscience. It brings principles of brain-based learning into the corporate training environment. Working with researchers at the world-renowned Rotman Research Institute of Baycrest, Axonify continues to incorporate new findings that are proven to drive long-term retention and application of learning for its customers.

Three principles of behavioral learning are the core of the Axonify solution:

  1. The Spacing Effect
    Also known as the “drip” approach, “distributed practice” or “interval reinforcement”, the spacing effect is the process of taking information/knowledge and repeating the delivery of it over predefined intervals. Spacing is well-documented and proven to help learners retain access to memorized information over long periods of time, (The first proof was demonstrated in a study by Hermrann Ebbinghause in 1885.) Spacing is critical because it prompts deeper processing of the learned material. Axonify incorporates the latest spacing effectiveness research in our algorithms.
  2. Retrieval Practices
    Studies – such as one published in Feb 2011 by Jeffrey D. Karpicke – prove that retrieval practices (the important act of quickly learning a concept, being tested on recall, quickly refreshing the knowledge, being tested on recall again) produce superior learning to studying, repeated studying and concept mapping or relating concepts. Axonify leverages repeated retrieval practices to dramatically reduce knowledge gaps.
  3. Confidence-Based Learning
    Researcher, Dr. James Bruno identified a link between knowledge, confidence and behavior and concluded that it’s the fusion of knowledge and confidence that leads to appropriate behavior, and empowers people to act. Dr. Bruno’s research led to the creation of the Confidence-Based Learning Methodology, a 2-dimensional assessment in which each question generates a metric for correctness plus confidence. This assessment model identifies what people know, and how confident they are about their knowledge. It helps organizations identify more closely what areas of learning the employee should focus on, to achieve true mastery of knowledge and skills.

brain science

brain science

Adaptive Learning Technology

Axonify provides continuous, personalized learning experience for each employee that dramatically increases training effectiveness to drive ROI. The training content is customized to the employee’s specific requirements as the platform automatically analyzes and identifies individual knowledge gaps.

Employees not only get immediate feedback on how they’re doing in specific topic areas, they can see their progress overall via their report card. They can also see where they rank on the leaderboard. The whole experience is highly personalized. Employees feel more competent, confident and better able to perform on the job, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and retention.

Axonify makes the learning experience truly personal:

  1. Customized to the Employee
    The Axonify platform makes it easy for our clients to tailor content to each employee based on key criteria such as role, location, language or tenure. Unlike other eLearning solutions, Axonify zeros in on what each employee needs to know to do their job well. Users can further customize the experience by selecting the learning games, rewards and prizes.
  2. Adapts to the Learner
    Axonify’s patent pending Personalized Knowledge Map™ automatically identifies and closes knowledge gaps on an employee-by-employee basis, adapting as the individual progresses towards mastery. For example, novices in a particular topic area would receive a greater concentration of basic training, while veterans would get more advanced content.

policies and procedures

policies and procedures


With Axonify you can push your employee engagement strategy to the next level. Research suggests that engaged learners take greater ownership of their learning, with increased motivation and improved relationships with peers and educators. Axonify is fundamentally engaging and fun for the learner, incorporating short, arcade-style games and social elements like teams and leaderboards, as well as reward systems with prizes.

With Axonify, employees are more deeply engaged in the success of their own learning.


Most eLearning solutions apply games as an afterthought, whereas Axonify has incorporated game mechanics as a foundational element within its platform.

With Axonify, learners can choose from a growing list of short, entertaining games are proven to enhance the learning experience and reduce resistance to learning for employees of all ages and abilities.


Throughout the learning process, Axonify provides immediate feedback through the reinforcement of right or wrong answer selection, continuously engaging the learner. For participating and doing well, employees can accumulate points used to redeem prizes, further enhancing the overall experience. Strong performing employees, departments and facilities all received peer recognition via a leaderboard interface that generates friendly competition.

Social Elements

Millennial learners not only appreciate a social learning environment, but have come to expect it. Axonify facilitates collaborative learning using a variety of social elements, including a continuous newsfeed and team competitions. Employees can also comment on the learning experience, whether it be submitting questions or providing feedback on games.

The Axonify Learning Model, the perfect combination of science, technology and fun.