Axonify Partners share our passion for modernizing the corporate learning environment and are a vital extension of our business efforts outside of North America. Our partner network provides modern learning services and support for Axonify, in order to meet the unique demands of international markets. Each Axonify Partner is an expert in its field, bringing a wealth of learning experience and strategies to further the success of their customers.

Value Added Resellers of Axonify

Biz Group

Biz Group delivers corporate training, team building and organizational development solutions to improve employee engagement, productivity and innovation, and impacts business results through global partnerships, technology, and interactive experiences. Regions: GCC Countries

Capability Group

Capability Group is a corporate development and change management consultancy organization, with 30+ years experience in transforming learning, growing leadership, and redefining change. Regions: New Zealand, Australia and Asia Pacific

Sistemas CBT

Sistemas CBT specializes in helping organizations develop workplace performance strategies through consulting, implementation and support services for its customer base. Region: Mexico, Latin America

Sponge UK

Sponge UK creates custom-made learning, designed to supercharge workplace performance and specializes in tailored courses and campaigns that lead to accelerated productivity, increased sales, compliant workplaces and enhanced staff effectiveness. Region: UK

Synapse Human Capital

Synapse Human Capital combines strong expertise in organizational development, business process improvement and change management with expertise in serving Axonify’s French customer base. Region: Quebec, Canada

Other Partners of Axonify

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