4 ways to demonstrate the business value of Axonify to the CEO

Many business stakeholders don’t even know they have a Learning Management System (LMS), let alone understand the role it plays within their organization. This is because the LMS is an L&D tool and doesn’t play an important role in daily business operations. In fact, I’d argue that the LMS has actually done more harm than good for learning leaders. After all, it’s failed to prove the impact of learning, which has only decreased the value of corporate training among those in the C-suite.

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Historically, L&D hasn’t had any good options for replacing this outdated training approach. But, today, there are proven, modern methods of learning as well as the right technology to not only make learning more effective, but showcase how it impacts the bottom line. So, when you’re ready to rethink the LMS and shift to the Axonify Microlearning Platform, it’s critical to position this learning technology to the CEO (and the rest of executive team) in a way that clarifies its value based on what’s most important to them: the bottom line.

Here are four ways Axonify delivers business impact and maximizes return on investment:

Focuses on business results

Which of the following statements would your CEO find most interesting?

“We can help people learn in a modern, engaging way.”


“We can potentially save $2-million per year by reducing our workplace safety incidents.”

Both statements happen to apply to Axonify, but I’m willing to bet the latter will turn more heads in the boardroom. The ROI of learning has proven elusive for far too long because L&D teams have lacked the strategy and resources to establish a firm connection between training and business results. To justify an investment in learning technology, learning leaders must speak the same language as the CEO and other business stakeholders.

Axonify is built to tie training directly to business impact. By following an outcome-based approach, which focuses first on the specific objectives business leaders want to achieve and then the behaviors, knowledge, and content that will support these objectives, Axonify shifts the L&D budget from a cost center to a strategic investment. For example, the $2-million figure referenced in the statement above is an actual number from Bloomingdale’s, a company that continues to see measurable improvements (and a total of $10-million in savings) after more than 3 years of using Axonify as its primary learning technology for reducing safety incidents.

Keeps employees focused on their jobs

People don’t go to work to learn. They go to work to do the jobs they were hired to do. While learning is a natural part of the daily working experience, L&D continues to pull people away from their jobs in order to complete formal training. This leads to hundreds of hours of lost productivity, a sure CEO turn off, as well as a negative perception of L&D with frontline employees who would rather be doing their jobs. This is especially challenging for deskless workers, who aren’t often afforded extra time to focus on their development.

Axonify’s microlearning approach not only fits seamlessly into the workflow of every employee, but it also adapts to individual needs based on specific employee knowledge and performance requirements. So, rather than training everyone on everything “just because,” Axonify ensures employees are getting only what they need to perform their specific roles. For example, Walmart’s 80,000 logistics employees experience more than 2-million safety-focused learning moments every month (without leaving the distribution center floor). This provides employees with just the right information at just the right time to perform their jobs correctly, and it helps the company instill its world-class focus on operational productivity and safety through just a few minutes of training during every shift.

Shifts accountability for performance to frontline managers

Who’s responsible for operational performance in your organization? Managers, right? Well, who’s responsible for learning in your organization? I’m guessing that’s L&D. Can you see how this disconnect may cause L&D and management to clash due to conflicting priorities? Knowledge enables performance, so the same people must be accountable for both.

Rather than talking about what L&D can do for your employees, talk to the CEO about how L&D can enable managers to become better, more accountable coaches by using the data dashboards within Axonify.

Axonify LeaderZone provides frontline managers with the tools they need to drive both knowledge and performance within their teams. Rather than waiting for L&D to spoon-feed their people, managers can leverage real-time data to identify employee knowledge gaps and connect them to real-world performance challenges. This not only reduces reliance on L&D, but it also improves the manager’s proactive coaching outcomes. And this is all done without direct L&D assistance, which allows your team to focus on the overarching strategy rather than chasing individual manager requests.

Improves efficiency by reducing L&D administration

Speaking of chasing people, how do your LMS administrators and L&D managers spend their time? If your experience is anything like most learning leaders I know, an unnecessary amount of effort is spent constructing and emailing Excel spreadsheet reports to make sure people are getting their training done on time. How much value is this time providing your business? What else could your L&D team be doing that would be much more impressive to the CEO?

Instead of spending money for L&D to complete tedious administrative tasks, Axonify ensures the budget is allocated to enabling meaningful knowledge and performance improvement through right-fit strategy, design, curation and development.

Axonify is built to maximize the time investment for every user—employee, manager and administrator. Axonify AdminZone helps your administrator to set up and prioritize topical content just once by using dynamic employee groups. Employees then receive the right content, whether it be introductory training or an annual certification, just when they need it, thanks to Axonify’s adaptive capabilities. Administrator and manager dashboards also reduce the need to export data and build ad hoc reports. Rather than emailing spreadsheets around twice a week to make sure compliance training gets done, managers can just check their personal LeaderZone at any time via their smartphone.

These are just a few ways you can convince the CEO that, by evolving your learning technology ecosystem with Axonify, you’ll be able to to drive real business impact and clear ROI. There are plenty of other reasons to rethink the LMS too. The Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform offers an engaging and fun user experience, on-demand knowledge sharing, behavioral analytics, streamlined onboarding, proven memory-building techniques rooted in brain science, and more. We could go on and on! But if you want a quick summary about how we’re different than your traditional LMS, check out: https://axonify.com/difference-rethink-lms/. And, if you’d like to learn more about how Axonify drives employee knowledge and business results, check out our product video: 

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