4 ways to help employees who struggle with learning

If you think back to your school days, you’ll probably remember several students who just found learning challenging. Maybe you had a friend or sibling who needed more help or maybe you were the one struggling.



Even though these days are over, the same situation happens with learning in the workplace. Some employees have more difficulty than others picking up new concepts, passing eLearning courses, processing large volumes of information, or even feeling confident in their knowledge.

This doesn’t mean these employees are incompetent. They just need some extra support to overcome these challenges. While using a combination of learning techniques is essential for creating a top-notch corporate training program, there are specific tactics that work to remove particular learning barriers. Here are some suggested solutions for the top four learning challenges we hear about on a regular basis:

While learning solutions are typically geared to satisfying the needs of mainstream employees, it’s important to pay attention to those facing learning challenges. The key is to create learning that they will embrace, helps them build knowledge and confidence, and allows them to continue progressing.

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