5 Trends in the Gamification of Corporate Learning

gamification-of-corporate-learningOn our most recent webinar, we had the privilege of being joined by a leading gamification expert and author, Dr. Karl Kapp. Karl was able to share some valuable insight with us on where the gamification of corporate learning is heading this year. The webinar and the slides are now available on-demand.

Before diving into the main part of the webinar, we polled the audience to determine where exactly everyone stood in terms of gamification. Interestingly, only 9% of the audience had actually implemented a gamification solution; whereas, 20% of the audience were trying to figure out how exactly to implement a solution and remainder of the audience was just doing research.

Here are the five big trends that Karl covered during the webinar:

1. Gamification is becoming integrated in the larger learning strategy (tweet this).

As with any new technology, gamification was originally considered an ‘extra’ part of an organization’s learning strategy. Now organizations are recognizing that gamification is a fresh tool in much bigger toolkit to help make learning a continuous and engaging process. When thinking about how you can implement gamification, don’t look at it solely as a way to increase the amount of ‘fun’ in your learning, but rather think of the benefits that a more engaged workforce could have on your organization.

2. Integration of gamification into more delivery methods (tweet this).

Given the rise of audience response systems, gamification is becoming integrated directly into the classroom as well as the virtual classroom experience. This year, Karl predicts that we will see a lot more software solutions build gamification elements directly into the user experience. An example of this might be with webinars, where we could see evolutions beyond simple features such as polling to help increase audience participation and engagement. Another huge delivery method for gamification this year will be through mobile devices. With the increased push to mLearning and BYOD policies, learning on-the-go will soon become the status quo. The mobile environment is also ideal for gamified learning that needs to be delivered in bite-sized chunks over a period of time.

3. Gamification is gaining more traction internationally (tweet this).

Through his work, Karl is finding a growing interest for gamification in various parts of the world including: China, India, Canada, Mexico and parts of South America as well. According to M2 research, in just 2 years … gamification will be a $2.8 Billion market. It is currently about a $500 million market.

4. Gamification to expand into other application areas within the corporation (tweet this).

For a long time, sales was considered the function whose learning could be easily gamified, given that many salespeople are competitive by nature. This year and moving forward, we can expect to see gamified learning proliferate throughout many areas within an organization including: leadership development, safety & compliance, R&D, accounting, onboarding and more. The primary reason for this is because of the first trend Karl mentioned (gamification becoming part of a larger learning strategy). Many organizations are beginning to realize that gamification is a tool to help drive engagement regardless of the material being delivered to the learner.

5. The rise of simple, short gaming with learning embedded (tweet this).

With learning sessions becoming increasingly more bite-sized, short and simple games are naturally becoming more popular. This year we will begin to see a dramatic rise in ‘content gamification,’ where game elements are embedded directly into the learning to make it more engaging. If you want to picture an easy example of this, think of the game Angry Birds and imagine triggering a training module or question every time you manage to hit a pig in the game. This trend will also go hand-in-hand with the rise of mobile becoming the default platform to deliver gamified learning.

Before revealing which of these trends the live audience was most interested in, take a quick look through them again and think to yourself … which one are you most interested in? Just for fun, pick two trends.

Ready for the answers?

According to our live webinar audience, the #1 trend was: Gamification being integrated into the larger learning strategy (35%) and #2 was: The rise of short, simple gaming (16%).

Feel free to share your thoughts and insights into the gamification of corporate learning with us in the comments below or via Twitter using #GamifiedLearning in your tweets.

Written by Shaminda (Shum) Attygalle

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