7 eLearning Trends Shaping the Future

The following post is a condensed version of an article from T+D Magazine posted on December 2nd, 2013.

7 trends in eLearningWe are on the cusp of a massive shift in the world of eLearning. New scientific research in how we learn combined with technology advances and engagement tools are set to radically transform the corporate learning landscape.

It’s about time: Businesses have been grappling for years with the cost and value of training, which has driven developments such as eLearning. Even so, it’s not enough.

  • Businesses still need quantifiable results. With the competition of today’s global markets straining budgets, training can’t be a luxury. It must provide a clear cut return-on-­investment.
  • Training hasn’t become significantly more effective. In fact, in most cases, existing classroom training has simply been ported to eLearning platforms.
  • Training still uses a firehose approach, showering participants with as much information as possible in a single session and hoping some of it sticks. Employees still see training as something to be endured (and often almost unbearable except for the catered lunch).

Seven key eLearning trends are shaping this new reality. When combined, they allow businesses to transform training into something truly significant: converting learning to improved job performance, which realizes substantial and lasting returns on training investment.

Here is a tweetable summary of each trend:

Trend 1: Spacing

Learning broken up over time, improves retention dramatically. (Tweet this)

Trend 2: Chunking

Short bursts of learning are more digestible and easier to retain. (Tweet this)

Trend 3: Mobile learning

Learning is no longer static or one-time. Learning has to go where you go. (Tweet this)

Trend 4: Social media for learning

People learn from people. Make your training social. (Tweet this)

Trend 5: Gamification

An engaged employee is primed for learning. Gamification increases engagement. (Tweet this)

Trend 6: Personalization

If learning isn’t catered to the individual employee, it’s in danger of being irrelevant. (Tweet this)

Trend 7: Experience API

The xAPI is going to take the guesswork out of learning impact. (Tweet this)

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