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April 26, 2016

Categories: Axonify news

If you haven’t noticed, just got a facelift! (Well, okay. It’s more like a complete body makeover).   But rest assured, we’re not just about looks, we’re about substance…

Microlearning: Small Bites, Big Impact

April 26, 2016

Categories: Microlearning

8 must-haves every organization needs to be successful with Microlearning. When Microlearning is delivered in a consistent, ongoing way, you have the ability to drive continuous learning, build up knowledge…

Is Big Data a Game-Changer for L&D?

April 24, 2016

Categories: Learning Measurement, Prove Impact

L&D is under increasing pressure to prove the business value of learning: to demonstrate ROI and directly link learning initiatives to improved business performance. But, up until now, one of…

Culture before Content: 3 Steps for Warming Up Your Organization to the Idea of Microlearning

April 15, 2016

Categories: Microlearning

Microlearning is a hot topic right now—and for good reason. Providing solutions that align to the science of learning and fit into employees’ regular workflow should get people plenty excited. But, the…

New Research: Best-in-class corporate learning approaches that drive business results

April 8, 2016

Categories: Axonify news, Learning Measurement, Learning Trends, Training gaps

I attended the CLO Symposium this week, which shone a spotlight on the struggle L&D leaders face to keep up with modern workplace demands. Conversations highlighted how employee learning needs have…

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