safety-reinforcement-trainingEvery company has a moral responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees, yet unintentional injuries continue to cost US companies more than $146.6 billion every year, in medical and insurance costs, workers’ compensation, production delays, and lost times. While most companies do have an initial safety program in place, over time, employees don’t always continue to apply that learning. It is therefore critical to make training an ongoing process, reinforcing safety procedures and reassessing compliance needs frequently.

Part of the problem is that some managers feel that good safety practices should be common sense, but that type of attitude can lead to accidents or heavy fines from workplace safety groups such as OSHA. In fact, earlier this month, a large retail store in Boston fell under the watchful eye of OSHA after failing repeatedly to meet the required safety standards within their store’s stockroom. As a result, the company is now facing hefty fines. The estimated cost of the fine is $177,800. OSHA issued 1 Serious and 2 Willful citations, which included merchandise in the store’s stockroom being consistently stacked in an unstable and unsecured manner, exposing workers to crushing injuries, and emergency exit routes consistently being blocked.

OSHA fines Retailer $177,800 for exposing employees to serious safety hazards

Investing in training, is investing in your company. Safety reinforcement training protects employees from accidents and injuries, and safeguards companies from diminished productivity, increased insurance premiums and even criminal liability.

Protect Your Employees. Protect Your Company.

Written by Sabrina Prudham

Axonify Team

Author: Axonify Team

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