Axonify Solves the Employee Knowledge Problem

Think about the biggest challenges you’re facing in your organization.

Maybe your sales team isn’t closing deals. Maybe your store associates aren’t demonstrating your high standards of customer service. Maybe your employees aren’t following policies and procedures and are making mistakes that are putting your business at risk. Maybe you’re struggling to keep associates safe on the job. Or maybe it’s something as significant as driving an organizational or cultural transformation that requires each and every employee across the business to be on the same page in a way that is quick, easy and sustainable.

If you think hard, the common denominator for each of these challenges is knowledge. From top to bottom, what each employee knows or doesn’t know has an exponential impact on the overall success of your company.

When employees don’t have the right knowledge, expecting them to be top performers (or even average performers) just isn’t realistic.

Organizations thought the learning problem was solved when LMS solutions became ubiquitous. What has become very clear today is that just because there’s a simple way to deliver information, doesn’t mean employees are actually digesting, remembering or using it on the job. In fact the opposite is true. Learning is only the first step in the knowledge equation. And the fact that it’s only about delivery means it hasn’t been able to translate into performance—at the individual and the corporate level.

How do we move past this conversation and finally address the true knowledge problem? Working with our customers, who are a combination of business leaders and learning visionaries, we’ve figured it out.

We’ve just introduced the world’s first Employee Knowledge platform—a solution that pushes way beyond traditional eLearning and creates a new category. It’s a solution that’s 100% committed to solving the employee knowledge problem.

Knowledge delivery, acquisition, sustainment, sharing, application, measurement and a direct correlation to business objectives.

axonify-corporate-learning-just-got-smarterBy leveraging our award-winning microlearning solution along with our innovative knowledge-on-demand offering, employees now have a path to everything they need in their heads and at their fingertips in a way that’s fun, fast, personalized and sustainable. But we haven’t stopped there. Our platform provides a way to measure everything from knowledge growth to behavior through to business outcomes.

Corporate learning just got a whole lot smarter. Just ask organizations like Walmart, Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, John Hancock and Bloomingdale’s. With the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform, they’ve completely changed the way they power their people with knowledge to drive real results.


Carol isn’t your typical leader. She’s driving a revolutionary approach to employee knowledge, but she’s also a doors-open, come-see-me-anytime kind of executive. Carol doesn’t just talk the talk—she definitely walks the walk. You can read more from her on Training Industry Magazine, ATD, CLO and as a regular contributor for Fortune.

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