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Employee training myths you could be “April fooling” yourself about

April 1, 2016

Categories: Gamification, Interval reinforcement, Knowledge gaps, Learning Measurement, Personalized learning

Truth? Or Myth? Depends on which decade you’re operating in. Not long ago, these statements might have been true, but not any longer. To be sure you’re not April fooling yourself, we…

The Microlearning Myth: Why you need more than bite-sized content to drive learning success

February 26, 2016

Categories: Continuous learning, Interval reinforcement, Knowledge gaps

Everyone’s excited about the promise of microlearning and rushing to jump on the bandwagon. But there’s a misconception out there: If you simply break large training topics into smaller ones—for…

Accelerating Product Knowledge with New Hires for the Holiday Season

October 9, 2015

Categories: Continuous learning, Interval reinforcement, Knowledge gaps, Multi-generational learning, Personalized learning, Retail training, Training gaps

The holiday season is just around the corner and you’re staffing up to meet demand. But for today’s retailers—especially those using multi-channel methods—onboarding new hires is not as simple as…

Beyond Static, One-Time Training Events

August 28, 2015

Categories: Continuous learning, Interval reinforcement, Learning Trends, Training gaps

The job of an Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson) sales rep is only becoming more demanding. Besides needing to remember increasing amounts of medical product information, reps must also keep up…

How Minutes A Day Can Reinvigorate Your Workforce

May 15, 2015

Categories: Game based learning, Interval reinforcement, Learning Trends, Mobile learning, Training gaps

The following post was featured in eLearning Industry on April 14th, 2015. We know you’ve seen it. Your employees sit in a day-long training session watching presenter after presenter. They…

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