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Three Challenges With Training a Mobile Sales Team

June 24, 2013

Categories: Continuous learning, Interval reinforcement, Knowledge gaps, Mobile learning, Training gaps

Hot off the heels of mLearnCon 2013, we decided to write about an area of training that could greatly benefit from mobile applications. That area is sales training. More specifically,…

Filling The Generational Training Gap

May 6, 2013

Categories: Knowledge gaps, Multi-generational learning, Personalized learning, Training gaps

The generational shift in the workforce is creating a looming training gap for today’s corporate leaders. A store clerk from 20 years ago and a retail associate today are two…

7 Strategies for Reducing Employee Knowledge Gaps

July 10, 2012

Categories: Knowledge gaps, Loss prevention, Safety awareness, Training gaps

Can we all agree that the lack of knowledge about an organization’s products, services, policies, safety practices etc. is detrimental to employee performance, and ultimately affects corporate results? How many…

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