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4 ways to think more like Google and less like an LMS

June 2, 2017

Categories: Learning Measurement, Performance Support

Take a deep breath and picture the scene: You are seated in a chair. Electrodes are placed on your fingers and pulse points, while the machine hums to life beside…

Curated Insights: Curation on Curation

May 31, 2017

Categories: Learning Trends, Performance Support

We’re about to get very meta! This month’s curated post is about curation. To quote Deadpool, “A fourth wall break inside a fourth wall break? That’s like, sixteen walls.” Curation…

Mobile is a Game Changer for Knowledge on Demand

September 16, 2016

Categories: Mobile learning, Performance Support

These days, everyone is on the move! No longer is the office a static place where everyone goes to do their work. The notion of “office” has changed significantly as…

A familiar (and unfortunate) story about knowledge in the workplace

June 24, 2016

Categories: Modernizing Corporate Learning, Performance Support

We’re employed in a variety of industries and hold a myriad of different roles. But we do have one thing in common when it comes to work: we all run…

Did you know your employees are wasting 2 hours every day (and it’s not their fault)?

June 17, 2016

Categories: Modernizing Corporate Learning, Performance Support

12 hour days. 50 hour weeks. It feels like we never have enough time to get everything done at work. Regardless of industry, business moves at breakneck speed and innovation…

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