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9 essential principles for modernizing your corporate learning ecosystem

July 15, 2016

Categories: Adaptive learning, Brain based learning, Continuous learning, Gamification, Learning Measurement, Microlearning, Modernizing Corporate Learning, Personalized learning

We know a lot of organizations are just plain stuck in the past: they know their employees are bored stiff with the same old training programs; they know they aren’t engaged;…

Employee training myths you could be “April fooling” yourself about

April 1, 2016

Categories: Gamification, Interval reinforcement, Knowledge gaps, Learning Measurement, Personalized learning

Truth? Or Myth? Depends on which decade you’re operating in. Not long ago, these statements might have been true, but not any longer. To be sure you’re not April fooling yourself, we…

Toyota Uses Axonify Inspired Competition to Reward Employees

February 12, 2016

Categories: Continuous learning, Gamification, Personalized learning

Garret Grahonya is still feeling the effects of Super Bowl fever. The L&S Toyota sales consultant beat out thousands of his peers from every district across the United States in…

7 Top Learning Trends for 2016

January 8, 2016

Categories: Gamification, Learning Trends, Mobile learning, Performance Support, Personalized learning

If there’s one thing that’s certain about the future of learning, it’s that it will continue to play a large role in organizational success. But the shape of learning is…

Accelerating Product Knowledge with New Hires for the Holiday Season

October 9, 2015

Categories: Continuous learning, Interval reinforcement, Knowledge gaps, Multi-generational learning, Personalized learning, Retail training, Training gaps

The holiday season is just around the corner and you’re staffing up to meet demand. But for today’s retailers—especially those using multi-channel methods—onboarding new hires is not as simple as…

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