It’s time to add some new chapters to your holiday season playbook

It’s easy to get distracted by doom-and-gloom, apocalyptic retail headlines. While it’s true that thriving in retail has become increasingly challenging , there’s still lots of opportunity to shine in brick-and-mortar. And the opportunity only intensifies around the holidays, that most wonderful time of year where up to 30% of annual sales take place.

Despite having online alternatives, consumers continue to shop brick-and-mortar at holiday time—whether it’s to take advantage of last-minute sales, get up close to touch and see that special item they’re thinking of buying, or simply soak up the ambience of the season. But with increasingly savvy consumers bringing higher expectations through your doors, there’s too much at stake now to simply dust off your same-old holiday strategies. Retailers need to equip their stores and frontline associates to surprise, delight and stand out from the competition.

Check out our latest guide on how to win the holidays for even more strategies and actionable advice. Or, keep reading to see the 5 things (plus one bonus) you can add to your holiday playbook right now:

  1. Dress your stores to impress with marketing and visual merchandising that’s pleasing to the eye, easy to grab and designed to drive up Average Daily Transactions.
  2. Don’t give your customers a reason to shop online. Keep your store smartly stocked.
  3. Keep pricing and promotions simple and clear to move buying from this OR that, to this AND that.
  4. Training seasonal employees shouldn’t slow your momentum. Hire your seasonal talent early and plan a streamlined onboarding experiences that focuses on the essentials they need to make your store look and perform best.
  5. Keep all your associates on the same page by pushing consistent messages and ongoing training to them in digestible bites, on the devices that make the most sense for your store and their workflows.

Bonus: Returns are the inevitable by-product of a strong holiday selling season. Make the process frictionless to keep your customers’ positive feelings for your brand fa-la-la-la-last.


How to Win the Holidays Guide

See the 5 things (plus one bonus) that you can add to your holiday playbook right now.

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