Apple’s iPhone 5C – Harnessing the Power of C

iphone5c-generation cMy job here at Axonify is based around keeping a close eye on world trends whether they be consumer or otherwise. We keep on top of the latest in technology, brain science, psychology and gamification to make training not only stick, but also pay. This trend spotting approach is how we stay ahead of the curve and deliver the compelling bottom line outcomes for our retail, pharmaceutical, insurance and manufacturing customers across the globe.

Last week Apple CEO Tim Cook stood up in front of an audience of two hundred reporters and tech evangelists to unveil two new iPhones to the world and for the first time ever, China. The tech community buzzed with disappointment, and critics across the blogosphere were quick to speculate, stew and slice up Apple’s (lack of) innovation in its latest product refresh.

The iPhone 5c got the most attention for its vibrant plastic enclosures that had everyone wondering: What does C stand for? China? Cheap? Crap? Cost? Color? Nope. It stands for and represents an entire generation. Generation C.

What’s brilliant about Generation C is that it’s not really a generation, it’s a mindset and an attitude. C is for Content. Undoubtedly, everybody has a little bit of Picasso in them and it’s consumer goods companies like Apple that are capitalizing on this by making creative (and now colorful) technology accessible, thus encouraging and fostering self expression and artistic capacity, duck face selfies and twerk videos included.

Apple might have taken an innovative shortcut or two by taking it’s flagship phone (which by the way represents over 80% of its revenues) and wrapping it in plastic but before you bust out your Apple corer and start peeling, consider this.

Google’s Think Insights group released a research study on Gen C and the findings were astounding. 67% of Gen C’ers upload their own content in forms of photos, videos, memes and mashups. Want more? Over 91% (myself included) sleep with their phones. In some respect, it’s Gen C that sets trends on what’s going to be popular next. Google estimates this influence to account for $500bn of spending a year.

By creating compelling training content that is personalized, accessible, mobile and fun we here at Axonify and our countless Fortune 1000 clients are harnessing the power of C. Not only are we reducing injuries, shrink and helping skilled people be exceptional at what they do, we also look [C]ool doing it. What are your thoughts? How are you harnessing the power of C in your field? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet us @VedRistic or @Axonify.

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