Learning Analytics…from the Learner's Perspective

Dear Training & Development Professional,

I’m really happy that our organization provides us with such great employee training. It gives me a chance to learn how to do my job better, and I feel like I’m building my career skills.

You already know that as an adult learner I want to know why I need to learn something, as it helps me relate it to my job, and get more engaged in the learning. But I’m sure you also know that I want to be responsible for my own learning – you call it being “self-directed.”

I’d love to be even more involved in my learning. Is there some way you could let me see under the covers and expose some of your key learning analytics to me?

Learning Analytics Letter

There are a number of things I’d really like to know about the training I’m taking and my overall levels of knowledge. I like that I can look at my learning dashboard and see how much of a topic I’ve got left to learn, or even what my scores were on tests. But I’d like more:

  • Which subjects am I strongest in, and in which subjects do I really need to work harder?
  • What is my baseline knowledge in the subjects I’m learning about, and how does my current knowledge level compare to my baseline?  That might help me understand how training is helping improve my job performance, based on my performance metrics.
  • What’s my overall knowledge growth in critical subjects?  It would be good to see that on a monthly basis, so I can see if I’m maintaining my learning momentum.
  • How often am I participating in learning?  I’d like to see how my level of learning participation compares to my improvement in knowledge.

I know this is a lot, but I really think these types of metrics will help me be an even stronger employee. Oh, and can I see my analytics on my smartphone please? I’d like to be able to view them when I have the time to focus.

And can you make these same analytics available to my supervisor? I’d like to make sure that I’m learning the right things, and that my learning success is being recognized.



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