Learning on Demand: Emphasizing the NOW in Employee Learning

Multi-Generational TrainingWith the rapid proliferation of technology and more specifically mobile devices, the spotlight for engaging and training Generation Y has never been more intense. It’s undeniable that Generation Y is slowly securing its growing spot in today’s workplace, but what about the rest of us? What about the Boomers? The X’s and the Silents?

The challenges associated with multi-generational training have become more prevalent than ever. Training a 47 year old custodian and a 19 year old customer service representative might seem like night and day when it comes to things like the subject matter, but even more wide is the divide between how these two might learn, respond and most importantly understand and apply the training they’re provided with.

How do you deliver your training so it doesn’t just stick, but sticks with everyone? It comes down to one thing, and that’s personalization. Not just personalization of content based on role but also the personalization of the delivery method based on generational interest, attitude and desire. Doing this in a seamless way is the key to effective training that engages and delivers learners with different needs and expectations.

With new and robust corporate eLearning platforms, training across generations and meeting their respective needs and expectations might be easier than you think. Through personalization of the entire training experience, these new platforms allow for instant, dynamic and automatic personalization of not just relevant content, but also the way trainees engage with and understand it.

In our latest whitepaper we explore the fundamental differences (and similarities) between generations as they apply to workplace training, while addressing key engagement issues and tactics. How are you engaging all of your employees?

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