Microlearning: Small Bites, Big Impact

8 must-haves every organization needs to be successful with Microlearning.

When Microlearning is delivered in a consistent, ongoing way, you have the ability to drive continuous learning, build up knowledge over time, and produce real behavior change that results in improved job performance.

This whitepaper takes a comprehensive look at Microlearning and outlines what’s required for making it a reality in your organization.

Here’s a peek at what’s included inside:

>> Why Microlearning is essential in today’s business environment.

Discover why an increasing rate of change and growing demand for employee knowledge lend themselves perfectly to a Microlearning strategy.

>> 8 components of an ideal Microlearning platform.

Beyond just being able to deliver content in small chunks, what other features are essential for driving impact? Find out.

>> Examples of Microlearning in action.

Discover four stories of how global organizations from around the world are leveraging Microlearning to drive business results.

>> … and lots more. Get your copy today.

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