New Research: Best-in-class corporate learning approaches that drive business results

aberdeen-report-axonify-resource-pageI attended the CLO Symposium this week, which shone a spotlight on the struggle L&D leaders face to keep up with modern workplace demands.

Conversations highlighted how employee learning needs have become almost unrecognizable from those of just ten years ago. The lightening-fast pace of business, combined with the integration of technology, increased customer demands and the need to support multi-generational workforces, have called attention to the importance of changing the way learning leaders have traditionally approached corporate training.

Attendees were keen to find practical ways to address the new needs of businesses and employees alike. They were also passionate about challenging convention and rethinking current approaches. Today’s learning leaders want to build strategies that go beyond simply delivering training and, instead, focus on creating high-performing organizations.

But the challenge involves figuring out how to do that, while also finding data to convince the right people in the organization to get on board.

A recent report by Aberdeen Group, entitled “From Learning to Knowledge: Best-in-Class Methods for Enabling Employees to Propel the Business Forward,” provides research to confirm modern thinking about corporate learning. The report identifies that top-performing companies are changing their learning approaches and focusing on how to help employees build, sustain, share and apply knowledge continually to have a measurable impact on business results.

Aberdeen Group benchmarked organizations against several key performance metrics and identified best-in-class performers were achieving overall business results by implementing modern approaches to building employee knowledge. These results include:

  • 15% increase in revenue per full-time equivalent (FTE)
  • 16% increase in customer/patient satisfaction rates/scores
  • 85% of employees rated themselves “highly engaged”

Aberdeen then evaluated the key Learning & Development practices that these organizations are leveraging to achieve business results.

We’re delighted to share this information with you. Download this comprehensive report and learn:

  • Why traditional corporate training methods aren’t working.
  • What Best-in-Class companies are doing to cater to a mulit-generational workforce.
  • Modern learning methods that best-in-class companies are using that enable a higher degree of employee understanding and performance on the job.
  • Three steps that all organizations should take to improve employee and organizational performance.

Are you incorporating any of these best-in-class learning practices in your organization? We’d love to hear what you’re doing in the comments below.

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