Our Top 7 Posts From 2014

To close out our blog for 2014, we’ve decided to share our top 7 most read blog posts from the past year. Our posts on gamification were particularly popular (which is partially what lead us to create our latest workbook); however, there were a few others in the mix as well.

Here are the posts in order:

7: Maybe the Millennials are Doing it Right

Summary: Unceremoniously dubbed ‘Generation Me’ by skeptics, the millennials are often criticized for needing constant affirmation and easy success. But I like to think that the millennial generation brings fresh perspective to the work environment.

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6: The New Learning Manifesto

Summary: We have put up with traditional learning for too long. It’s time we re-write the rules and usher in a new era of learning. To help guide us along, here is the new learning manifesto: Learning will be continuous and woven into the workday as opposed to being a one-time, event-based session.

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5: The Impact of Bite-Sized Learning

Summary: Discover an infographic which depicts the impact that bite-sized learning is having on leading global-organizations. Is your learning bite-sized? If not, find out why it should be.

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4: Enterprise Gamification Ain’t Going Anywhere

Summary: From sales and conversion rates to safety and compliance, gamification is becoming too big to ignore and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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3: The Importance of Confidence Based Learning

Summary: Confidence Based Learning takes your employees from Uninformed to Mastery, and from Paralysis to Informed Action. Discover how it can help you today…

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2: 7 Key Learning Points on Gamification

Summary: Discover what we’ve learned about the gamification of corporate learning after accumulating data from over 100,000 employees in world-class organizations.

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1: 5 Trends in the Gamification of Corporate Learning

Summary: Find out where the gamification of corporate learning is heading in 2014 with these five trends, taken from our latest webinar with Karl Kapp.

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We hope your 2014 was filled with a ton of tremendous learning opportunities and wish for even more in 2015. See you in the new year!

Written by Shum Attygalle

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