Preventable Mistakes – A July 4th Special Edition

Whether in the workplace, or in life, ‘knowing’ what to do can be the difference between your best day—or your worst. We’ve all heard the phrase, “we learn from our mistakes”. This may be true in some respects, but then there are the mistakes that cost us our job, our health, or in Dave’s case – his hair.

preventable mistakes in training

Had Dave known what to do BEFORE he began his celebrations, he probably wouldn’t have purchased that ridiculous shirt….or set his head on fire. Both preventable disasters.

We don’t have to wait to learn from our mistakes anymore. New approaches to safety training that combine bite-sized learning, with active recall and spaced repetition, are helping companies build a safer, smarter workforce. These new preventative programs arm your employees with the knowledge to effectively do their jobs, and make safer, smarter decisions. Unlike Dave here…

Read more on The Future of Safety Training in this whitepaper.

Happy 4th July Everyone!

Written by Sabrina Prudham

p.s. No David Geoffreys were harmed in the writing of this blog.

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