why do employees forget?
The Forgetting Curve

Learning, along with learning retention, is a huge topic within today’s corporate community. However, learning retention is just as elusive as it is important. It’s clear that a cog in the metaphorical learning machine is missing. Learners simply aren’t retaining information and this has big consequences for a company’s bottom-line. Professionals today are searching for ways to repair this machine, in order to produce a resource that every corporation desires: Knowledgeable, highly-skilled workers.

The Report

Charles Hendersen wanted to identify the cause of the pandemic that learning professionals face today: a lack of employee retention. In the summer of 2013, he posted what looked like a very straightforward question on LinkedIn, “In 10 words or less, why do you think employees forget what they’ve learned so quickly?” The number of responses to this one question was astronomical, proving that this ‘straightforward’ question was in fact quite multi-faceted. In the report found below, Charles condensed all the responses-all 47, 379 words-into measurable data and just may have summed up the responses into a verifiable basis for this problem.

Get your copy of the report now (PDF).

The Webinar

In addition to the report, we collaborated with Charles to create a webinar entitled “Why do Employees Forget?” which featured both Charles and our CEO Carol Leaman. Expect to discover the four main themes found in the over 900 responses that Charles received to his LinkedIn question. This webinar condenses global responses in order to answer a global problem. The best part? This webinar identifies a common solution for this worldwide issue.

View the webinar recording now.

What are your thoughts on the insights Charles gathered? Let us know in the comments below or tell us on Twitter. If you’re interested in hearing more from Charles, feel free to connect with him directly.

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