Resist The Glitter: The Best Advice You’ll Ever Give To Your Millennial Employee

MillennialWhoever said money buys happiness was right, sort of. It’s no secret that sitting in your sporty new leather interior Audi is far more comforting than sitting on a bicycle in the middle of a snowstorm. As someone who’s managed millenials (and is considered a millennial himself) I have witnessed countless smart young professionals whose ambitions have taken them far, almost to a fault.

Catered lunches, flex time and generous bonuses combined with hip lofty offices in cool neighborhoods and fridges stocked with treats to fulfill any sweet tooth sure beat the student lifestyle of mac n’ cheese and 99 cent ramen noodles. Even though the snack bar at Axonify is sometimes my best friend and my worst enemy, it isn’t the reason I came to work here.

I wanted to work with a company that would invest in me, give me the opportunities to touch and learn things I would otherwise never have the opportunity to even think about. Today, I get to work intimately with brain scientists, engineers, designers and seasoned business people.

Jealous? Don’t be. At 26, Henry Ford invented the Model T, while still in school Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook at the age of 23 and by the age of 26 Tiger Woods had already won the Grand Slam.

In a world where overnight success has become the expectation, every millennial wants to and feels the need to be a super star, and I get that. But jumping gigs every two years isn’t going to get you to success any quicker, in fact it will do the opposite.

To be ultimately successful in your career you need a strong foundation. That foundation is built on valuable training and learning experiences. Being sat down in a class and given a 4-inch binder isn’t training, it’s torture. New and innovative ways of training are happening, and companies that are taking advantage of them are not only better at attracting but also retaining talent.

As someone who’s worked with some of the coolest airlines, media and showbiz companies I’ve learned one thing: the allure of free flights, perks, VIP passes and even compensation is a false and temporary one.

The rock solid learning, mentorship and coaching you get in your early career is elemental to any success down the line. It is far more valuable and portable than the Kit-Kat bar that’s sitting in the cupboard. Stick with it.

If you are at a company that genuinely cares and invests in training its people, you’re in a good place.

If you’re not, some of our clients are hiring.

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