Survey says…. Employees are thriving with Axonify’s modern learning approach

The results from our Axonify Learner Survey are in. And they’re so amazing that we couldn’t help but take the opportunity to toot our own horn!

More than 4,500 employees from organizations including Walmart, PointClickCare, Kaplan, Ceridian and Bloomingdales participated in the first round of the Axonify Learner Survey. Respondents indicate that they are significantly more knowledgeable, confident and effective in their jobs as a result of participating in regular learning through the Axonify eLearning platform. In fact, 4 out of 5 employees believe Axonify-based learning solutions improve performance on the job.

The Axonify Team

Here are the top findings:

·       Nearly 80% said learning with Axonify has made me more knowledgeable

·       Nearly 78% said learning with Axonify has made me more confident

·       More than 78% said learning with Axonify helps me be more effective

·       More than 80% said they enjoy and recommend Axonify as an effective way to learn

Is it just me, or is this not incredible!?!?! In a world where traditional corporate learning experiences are considered “boring”, “repetitive” and, “ineffective” at impacting performance, we know we’re on to something amazing.

Here are a couple of reactions from the visionaries who know first-hand how Axonify is successfully impacting learning and job performance:

“Axonify has amplified the effectiveness of our training programs,” says Larry Dunivan, Executive Vice President of Sales at Ceridian. “Axonify delivers an engaging user experience providing immediate feedback to the student, and the ability to rank users individually or by teams creating a fun yet competitive learning environment.”

“Axonify has been nothing short of transformative,” says Bloomingdale’s Vice President Loss Prevention and Risk Management, Chad McIntosh. “Our goal was to implement a learning solution that positively impacts our bottom line, and that our employees feel good about. Axonify has met that need repeatedly and resoundingly.”

Still not convinced this news is transformational? Let’s look at the data. The high satisfaction rate with the Axonify eLearning platform is in stark contrast to published findings about how employees at various organizations feel towards traditional Learning Management System (LMS) solutions. In a 2012 Brandon Hall Group webinar, a poll of attendees found 27% of respondents said their company’s employees hated their LMS.

This dissatisfaction also transfers to those who make LMS purchasing decisions. A Brandon Hall LMS Trends 2014: Satisfaction and Spending survey shows high customer dissatisfaction, with 47.7% of respondents indicating they are looking to leave their current LMS platform to move to a new provider. Similarly, results from a 2012 eLearning Guild survey show 31.5% of respondents were either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their LMS product.

We believe modern learners are ready to move away from traditional approaches and embrace a new way of learning. But, at the end of the day, it’s what Axonified learners believe that matters most. After all, they’re the ones who use the platform on a regular basis. While reports galore in Axonify demonstrate its impact on knowledge and performance, it’s really the learners who validate Axonify’s true value. To sum it up, most say they enjoy the Axonify experience; it makes them more knowledgeable; and it impacts their on-the-job performance.

It can’t get any better than that!

Thanks to all our customers who continue to support Axonify and contribute to our success.

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