The Journey to Mastery With Marc Rosenberg

On Thursday July 17th, we had the pleasure of being joined on a webinar by renowned learning expert Dr. Marc Rosenberg. Most of the audience (42%) on the webinar had more than 10 years of experience in the learning/training and considered themselves to be either competent (27%) or experienced (37%) in the field. Both a recording and a handout for the webinar are now available on-demand.

Here are our three key takeaways from the webinar:

1. The Shifting Learning Paradigm

Training alone does not allow employees to reach competence. This realization is starting to occur in many organizations and Marc describes the effect of this realization as a shift in the learning paradigm.  The slide below showcases how competence is affected by training over time:

marc rosenberg journey to mastery

Here is a depiction of the paradigm shift:

marc rosenberg journey to mastery

As evidenced in the first slide, without support competence and even stages beyond competence simply cannot be achieved. Again, this realization has given rise to the paradigm shift (2nd slide) that many organizations are starting to embrace. On the webinar: 21% of the audience said they are ‘just starting to embrace this shift,’ 27% said they are ‘making some progress,’ and 12% said they are ‘making significant progress.’

2. Not All Employees Need Training

This point was the crux of the entire webinar. As Marc put it, “As people become more proficient, they need less training.” The truth is that employees needs change throughout their learning journeys and organizations have to offer different tools at different times. The majority (52%) of the audience agreed on these differences between the way novices and experts learn:

  • They learn differently
  • They need to learn different things
  • Their learning preferences and expectations are different and change as they learn more

Here is a slide that depicts the different tools/learning strategies that should be implemented as an employee moves from novice to mastery:

marc rosenberg journey to mastery

3. Performance Must Be The End Goal

Toward the end of the webinar, Marc had a total of eight recommendations as to how you can help move employees from novice to mastery. The one that we thought works best as a summary of all the recommendations is this: Start with performance as the key goal in successful learning design. Marc said, “The answer isn’t the course, the answer is performance.” Many times he encouraged the audience to answer the question, “What is it that you ultimately want employees to do?” As mentioned in point 2, training may not always be the answer.

Please feel free to watch the full recording of the webinar, get the handout and share your thoughts with us. We look forward to hearing about your journey.

Written by Shum Attygalle

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