The Microlearning Myth: Why you need more than bite-sized content to drive learning success

Microlearning Whitepaper From AxonifyEveryone’s excited about the promise of microlearning and rushing to jump on the bandwagon. But there’s a misconception out there: If you simply break large training topics into smaller ones—for instance a 30-minute video into 1-minute clips—your training will be vastly improved. That’s just not true.

Micro content isn’t enough by itself

In fact, chunking learning topics into microlearning “bites” does nothing more than break the content down into smaller segments. While your employees can digest a small bit of knowledge much easier than a large slab, If you don’t use microlearning properly, you’re going to spend significant time replicating the existing problems of traditional training across hundreds or thousands of training modules.

Let’s say you’ve chunked a 1-day onboarding program (perhaps 5 hours of content) into microlearning chunks. This means you might have between 50 and 100 microlearning chunks of approximately one to five minutes each. Do you expect an employee to log onto your LMS and systematically click through each chunk? The sheer volume of chunks would make even the most dedicated learner turn tail. Besides this, the same problem exists: The content still doesn’t lend itself to helping employees build up knowledge on the entire subject so they can remember it and then apply it on the job.

8 Microlearning Essentials

A Microlearning solution must do the following for it to produce real learning results that have a significant impact on the business:

  1. Deliver bite-sized content in a consistent and effective way, using proven techniques for reinforcing information. This allows employees to thoroughly learn a topic, retain that knowledge for the long term and apply it on the job.
  2. Support multiple content formats (i.e. text, video, images, etc.) that allow information to be presented in the most effective way for learning.
  3. Provide personalized and adaptive learning experiences that fit with each employee’s job demands, adapt with his/her learning path and align with preferred ways of learning.
  4. Offer a gamified learning experience to engage employees continually in learning each and every day.
  5. Include modern social elements for collaborative learning with individuals across the organization.
  6. Ensure learning can be accessed from multiple devices, including mobile.
  7. Make all learning bites available on demand to allow employees to quickly search and select learning at the point they need it for the job.
  8. Offer tracking and measurement capabilities for measuring learning effectiveness and tying it to business results.

Microlearning can be an extremely powerful tool to bring knowledge to your employees when and where they need it for the job. And when it’s delivered in a consistent, ongoing way, you have the ability to drive continuous learning, build up knowledge over time, and produce real behavior change that leads to improved job performance and significant business impact.

Is this achievable? You bet! Read our new Microlearning White Paper to find out how you can deliver big impact in small bites.

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