We have put up with traditional learning for too long. It’s time we re-write the rules and usher in a new era of learning. To help guide us along, here is the new learning manifesto:

  • Learning will be continuous and woven into the workday as opposed to being a one-time, event-based session.
  • Learning will be bite-sized and delivered in digestible chunks as opposed to all at once as if it were coming from a firehose.
  • Learning will be personalized and relevant to each employee as opposed to following a one-size fits all model.
  • Learning will take place for each employee as and when required as opposed to en masse at set times throughout a year.
  • Learning will be adaptable to the speed of each employee as opposed to being rigid and delivered in a set order.
  • Learning will be designed for greater knowledge retention as opposed to greater information overload.
  • Learning will be engaging and make employees excited as opposed to being boring and seen as a necessary evil.
  • Learning will be social and act as a two-way as opposed to a one-way street.
  • Learning will genuinely challenge an employee to recall information as opposed to enduring another classroom session.
  • Learning will be trackable and tied to financial results as opposed to not being measured and occurring in a vacuum.

the-new-learning-manifesto-thumbPrint this out, stick it somewhere and use it as a checklist to continuously improve your organization.

If you’re already following these guidelines, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below or via Twitter: @Axonify and use #NewLearning in your tweet. You can do the same on Google+.

Axonify Team

Author: Axonify Team

Axonify is the the only learning platform trusted by business leaders to drive performance. It combines an award-winning approach to microlearning, with innovative knowledge-on-demand capabilities and the entire experience is gamified, driving high levels of participation.

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