At Axonify, we’re blessed with some fantastic customers who have become huge advocates of our solution and the value of interval reinforcement in learning. Pep Boys is one such customer who co-created the vision for the platform and continues to provide valuable input, while reaping its rewards with significant reductions in shrink and safety claims. Just over a week ago, Bryan Hoppe, the VP of Store Operations at Pep Boys participated in a webinar entitled “Pep Boys: A Success Story in Shrink Reduction – Challenging Conventional Thinking in LP Awareness” that attracted over 400 registrants. The webinar was very well received, with attendees rating both the speakers and content very high.

Based on the questions and comments that flowed in early in the event, it quickly became apparent that retailers of all shapes and sizes are challenged with the same issues that Pep Boys had in early 2009.  How do you build ongoing and consistent awareness at all levels of the organization? How do you get employee theft under control and create a culture of integrity? How do you engage a young and transient workforce? How do you uncover who’s “getting it” and who isn’t? Clearly, their story had struck a widespread nerve.

Bryan started off the webinar by stating that their shrink rates were out of control, and in 2009 he set out to overhaul their LP strategy with a 3-tier shrink plan that included some innovative thinking around awareness. Pep Boys chose to think outside the box and throw out conventional tools, such as their poster program that quite simply wasn’t being effective. They surveyed their workforce to understand what worked and what didn’t. Out of all of the input and analysis was born a revolutionary new training and awareness program, with Axonify at its core. Now, I don’t want to tell the whole story because quite frankly, I can’t tell it as well as Bryan does, but I would like to highlight some of the key points that Bryan made during the presentation.

  • When overhauling their LP awareness program, Pep Boys went beyond LP and considered all areas, including safety
  • Daily reinforcement of learning is the key to keeping the message top of mind with associates, uncovering gaps in knowledge and driving down shrink
  • By making their learning fun and rewarding with a game on the back-end (they use a slot machine) with a chance to win cash, they have been able to achieve a 95% voluntary participation rate
  • Pep Boys was willing to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to creating a culture of integrity and have reaped the rewards as a result (Pep Boys employees have the potential to earn up to a $10,000 reward for reporting employee theft)
  • Employees feel good about the program, enjoy participating and feel that the company cares enough to invest in their ongoing learning and development
Axonify Team

Author: Axonify Team

Axonify is the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform. It combines an award-winning approach to microlearning, with innovative knowledge-on-demand capabilities and the entire experience is gamified, driving high levels of participation.

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