Top 5 values from the serious eLearning manifesto

serious elearning manifestoA few weeks ago, some true visionaries and seasoned practitioners in the eLearning space launched the Serious eLearning Manifesto. If you haven’t read it or become a signatory yet, I encourage you to do so today. Hundreds of your counterparts already have.

Here are our five favourite values from the manifesto and the reasons why they hold a lot of promise for the future of eLearning:

1. The shift from being content focused to becoming performance focused

At the end of the day, why does your L&D function exist? It exists to help improve the performance of your entire organization. This shift alone will help a lot of organizations make strides toward defining the ROI of learning. Performance is the true measure of learning.

2. The shift from being efficient for authors to becoming meaningful to learners

One of the trustees of the manifesto – Connie Malamed – recently wrote about the need for authors and designers to start putting themselves in the mind of the learner. For eLearning to have true value to a learner it must be meaningful. With the increasing ability for eLearning technology to personalize learning like never before, this push toward meaningful learning is now more possible than ever.

3. The shift from being attendance-driven to becoming engagement-driven

Presence does not necessarily mean attention. If you have an audience that is present, you have to capitalize on their presence by actively working to engage their attention. The rise of gamification in learning and instruction, is a clear indicator of this shift toward creating more engaging eLearning experiences.

4. The shift from one size fits all to individualized challenges

The firehose approach is simply broken. Every learner’s needs are different. New learning technology makes it possible to measure exactly what those needs are and deliver the appropriate training at the exact time it is needed. When combined with value no. 2 above, this will help make eLearning far more relevant to each learner and therefore, far more effective as a way to improve performance in an organization.

5. The shift from one-time events to spaced practice

The move toward spaced practice (also known as interval reinforcement) is helping combat one of the biggest problems in learning today: the forgetting curve. One-time learning events are simply not designed for long-term retention of knowledge and if people forget, they cannot perform. By combining spaced practice with engagement and personalization, not only does eLearning become effective … it gets a whole lot more serious.

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Written by Shum Attygalle

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