You & Your LMS: Top 8 Relationship Deal-breakers

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Sometimes your LMS feels much like that relationship you know just isn’t working, but are reluctant to end. You’ve invested so much time and energy into making it work. You’ve laughed together, cried together—but at the end of the day, your needs just aren’t being met.

So how do you know when it’s just time to move on?


Here are our Top 8 Relationship Deal-breakers:

1. After everything we’ve been through, I still want more…

So much time, so much effort spent, but still not seeing the results in your bottom line? There comes a time in every relationship that you have to ask yourself if it’s wise to keep investing in something that you know isn’t working, or whether to accept the lessons learned and move on.

2. We have different needs…

Your needs are your needs – you can make certain concessions, but at the end of the day, if your LMS doesn’t easily adapt to fit with your ever evolving needs, or doesn’t have the flexibility to push out content with the speed or precision you require…then it might be time to look for a more agile solution.

3. I can’t fully figure you out?

One common LMS mistake is that “more must be better”, when the opposite in fact is true. It’s possible to be too robust, too many bells & whistles that clutter the platform and don’t add real value. This overload actually detracts from the usability and the overall learning experience.

4. You’re never there when I need you…

During discovery and initial rollout, there was a helpful team to walk you through the process. Post-implementation, that support dwindled until you’re pretty much on your own. You deserve better! Look for a solution that approaches your relationship with needs analysis, experience design, launch support and continued partnership.

5. I can’t take you anywhere!

It’s a mobile, multi-device world and learners expect their content to be where they are – not the other way around.  If your LMS doesn’t support the ever-growing mobile workforce, then you may have outgrown your LMS.

6. It’s not you – it’s me…OK, it’s you…

When you first met, you saw many of the qualities you were looking for in a learning solution, and figured you could mold the rest into what you needed it to be. Well, we all know how this story ends! Avoid entering a relationship with unrealistic expectations. If you do then you’ll end up trying to shoehorn your processes around a mental blueprint of what your LMS is ‘supposed’ do—and not what it ‘can’ do.

7. You don’t like any of my friends…

Not all systems play well with others. If your LMS isn’t fulfilling all of your needs, and throws a technology tantrum when asked to work alongside other complementary solutions, then perhaps it’s time to find a more progressive partner.

8. I know I said looks don’t matter—but they kinda do…

If your LMS has all the charm of a database, you can’t expect to maintain that loving feeling. Even solutions, which may have ‘once upon a time’ been leading edge, over time with add-ons and patches, now more closely resembles the bride of Frankenstein than the fresh-faced solution you once courted. The important takeaway is that a system’s ‘under the hood’ power doesn’t count for much if the user experience is poor.

Technology advancements during the last few years have made LMS replacements a much less daunting option. So, while the decision to replace an LMS still isn’t an easy one, breaking up is doable and often beneficial.

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Written by Sabrina Prudham

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