Product & Development Teams

Award-winning microlearning platforms don’t build themselves. Our product and development teams are made up of designers and creators with the vision and hard-core skills to bring all this awesomeness to market.

Who we are

Software Development (Server, Client, QA)

The Axonify development teams are focused on continuously enhancing and evolving our world-class microlearning platform. And we do it all while maintaining the highest standards of system health and security.

Product Management

Axonify is the market leader in microlearning and our product team works hard to make sure we stay that way. We take the time to deeply understand the market at large and what our buyers and users need. Then we apply all those juicy insights to create and deliver the right solutions to market.

Jason Taylor

“I feel like I’m actually valued. No matter how big or small the project, I feel the work that I do has actual value to it. And that comes from everyone around me making me feel that way.”

Jason Taylor
Director, Software Development

“The best part about working at Axonify is our company culture. The people here are collaborators. They don't hesitate to jump in and help out in order to achieve goals or tackle an unforeseen challenge. Leadership leads by example with transparency, kindness and a drive for results. I don't believe in the phrase: "It's just a job." If that's the way you feel, then you don't have the right one. I know I have the right one.”

Tracy Moore
Senior Software Developer
Tracy Moore
Jeff Brunsek

“The collaboration is incredible – not only between individuals within my team, but within the company. You really get the sense that everyone is working towards the same goal of making Axonify the greatest in our industry. This also means ideas are being shared and, most importantly, listened to at any level.”

Jeff Brunsek
Senior Cloud Infrastructure Developer

“There's tons of accountability and autonomy at the same time. I'm empowered to make decisions and move forward to execute on what I think is right, based on my own research and work. That's a really amazing thing to have in a company. There's also a great mixture of personalities here that help contribute to our overall success.”

Adam Noble
Senior Product Owner
Adam Noble
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