BFF (Best Frontline Friends) Awards


2021 BFF of the Year Award


Who’s eligible for a 2021 BFF of the Year Award nomination?

Know someone who makes an extra effort to ensure the frontline doesn’t go unnoticed and undersupported? Have a colleague who’s passionate about giving the frontline workforce right-fit  opportunities to grow and succeed at work? Nominate them to be our 2021 BFF of the Year.

We’re looking for someone who launched a tangible program, event, technology or campaign to support a frontline workforce in a standout way in the last 18 months.

This might look like someone who:

  • Develops programs or initiatives to drive the ongoing development of frontline employees and breaks down barriers to getting them right-fit support
  • Inspires others by challenging how we think about frontline support and creating a vision for a new way forward
  • Champions a frontline-forward culture in their organization, getting leader buy-in to a new ways of supporting frontline employees