BFF (Best Frontline Friends) Awards


BFF Axonify Customer Awards


Customer Only

These award categories are designed to recognize Axonify customers of all sizes and industries who excel in giving their frontline employees right-fit support, demonstrating learning innovation and driving results.

The Best Start

Are you one of  the newest customers on the block, who supported your people with the launch of Axonify?

If you’ve gotten off to an impressive start using Axonify, with the participation and engagement rates to back you up, this award is for you!

The Best Transformation

True BFFs always keep life interesting. If you’re a customer who has transformed learning in your organization, we want to hear all about it.

The Best Communications and Engagement

Talk to us about your amazing knack for staying connected to your people. If you’re a customer using Axonify’s  communications and engagement features to reach your employees in new and unique ways that have helped boost engagement overall, this award has your name all over it.

The Best Achievement

Three cheers for measurable results! If you’re  a customer that’s winning in Axonify (and have the numbers to prove it), excels in coaching and solving problems, and possesses amazing leadership qualities? You’re the kind of BFF others will want to get to know.