Let’s start with what it’s not: It’s not about us. It’s not about our software or our services. It’s about you. More specifically, your frontline. AxoniCOM LIVE is a two-day, virtual event designed to help you support your frontline smarter and empower them to do their best work every day.

Nothing. Nada.This event is totally free! (Talk about a real deal.)

September 28-29, 2020.

Are you looking for innovative ways to move your frontline forward? Do you believe frontline employees are heroes—every day? Do you think the frontline workforce deserves ongoing support? Do you know your frontline is the key to business success? (Are you tired of all these questions?) If you answered “Yes” to any of this…then you should definitely attend.

If you’re responsible for supporting frontline learning and development or are just interested in how to improve the frontline experience, if you’re an existing or potential customer or are simply passionate about the frontline, then AxoniCom LIVE is the event for you.

You bet! We’ll make the content available shortly after the event.

Pretty much anything and everything related to supporting performance, growth and happiness of frontline employees. Keep checking the agenda for regular updates on keynote speakers, breakout session topics, networking events and more.

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