Capital BlueCross


Capital BlueCross is the leading health solutions and insurance company in central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley. A partner in the community’s health for more than 75 years, Capital BlueCross offers health insurance products, services and technology solutions that provide peace of mind to consumers and promote health and wellness for its customers.

When Capital BlueCross selected Axonify as its Employee Knowledge Platform, the company felt that it was a bold, game-changer, which has proven to be the absolute truth. Knowledge increases, error-rate reduction, and the ability to manage to the speed of change have just been a few of the benefits that the company continues to see every single day. More importantly, its employees love learning with Axonify!

Here's how Axonify helped Capital Bluecross

Knowledge improvements

Reduction in errors within their administration team on Axonify


Scott Walter

Director of Operations, Capital BlueCross

“We strive to provide the right overall customer experience in the industry, which means providing employees with the right knowledge at the right time, creating habits and culture. This is what Axonify does for us.”

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